Wednesday, January 6, 2010

a few crafts that i've compeleted

Below are a few projects I've been working on...

If you spray perfume in the pine cones, the scent lasts a while.
Not only are they decorations for curtain rods, but smelly ones!

I made these out of old jars (pasta sauce, olive jars, ect.) i just went through magazines and picked out graphics that i liked, and mod podged them to the glass. i use one for make-up brushes; one for in-scents and one for colored pencils.

This is my Polaroid wall-
I just hammered in 2 nails and used shower curtain clips
and attached hemp string to make it a little mobile.

Meet Solider and Karat my cute puffy goldfish!
I was sick of looking at their food
so I used a cardboard box and covered it with
a Free People gift bag print.
I think it came out pretty cute!

This is a photo project I've been working on.
I photographed the sky with a disposibal camera and made them into squares.
I was going for a painterly effect.

This is my terrarium!! With my soldier man holding it down.
Below are a few more of my plants.
I'm working on a bigger terrarium like this ONE.
Sprout Home (chicago & brooklyn) is rocking terrariums these days.

Another Free People gift bag.
I wrapped a coffee tin to store my buttons!

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