Wednesday, June 9, 2010

mini quilts !

Why are mini quilts so popular - here are just a few reasons:

1. Quilting can be intimidating - however the small format of the mini quilt means they are a much more attainable goal and the perfect way to gain some quilting confidence

2. Mini Quilts are a great way to use up scraps but also perfect to use your fancy expensive small pieces of fabric

3. Many people don't have the time or patience to finish a large quilt but as they love quilting a mini quilt is an achievable project. They are perfect for those with short attention spans.

4. Mini quilts are the perfect way to hone your quilting skills and test out new techniques

Mini quilts are very popular at the moment - there are flickr doll quilt swaps and mini quilt weekly memes and themes. Quilters and crafters just love showcasing their latest mini project - where they have been able to work through a design concept, or trial a new technique within a short time frame and get feedback from their peers. I blame the internet for the current mini quilt craze - which has turned out to have more longevity than a simple craft fad. As more and more crafters discover the art of quilting and find the satisfaction that can be gained from sewing bits of fabric to other bits of fabric and adding their creative personality to the piece, they are able to grow in confidence and try new things - I just don't see this going away any time too soon.

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libys11 said...

i've never heard of mini quilts til now.. they're so adorable!! and great as room decor! :D

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