Monday, April 12, 2010

Do It Yourself Hammock !!

    Weave construction materials—which won’t fade or absorb water—into a truly comfortable spot for lounging.

    1. Cut fencing into two 30×74-inch pieces, trimming the outside squares so that weaving has an edge. Lay out a rectangle with all conduit pieces, attaching elbows to create the “loom.”

    2. Overlap both pieces of snow fencing so squares alternate. Lay on floor in center of conduit frame.

    3. Unroll cording and mark the middle of each spool. The middle will be your starting point for each row of weaving.

    4. Hold the middle of one piece of nylon cording. Loop the middle of cording once around top corner of a 30-inch side of conduit frame. Weave cording in and out of snow fencing going down the long side. Keep tension even.

    5. At bottom, repeat loop around conduit and weave back up. Repeat to make four complete passes.

    6. Tie off end of nylon cording using a standard square knot (Google it for how-to). Leave 3-4 feet of excess to be used later.

    7. Repeat same weaving process on opposite side of snow fencing and in the middle of snow fencing. Weave any additional rows to create desired pattern. Tie all ends with square knots.

    8. Cut remaining nylon cording into two 37-foot pieces. Take the center of each and place one at each center of the short sides of your conduit. Wrap one strand of cording around right side of conduit (to secure fencing and hide conduit) and the other strand around left side of conduit. Tie off with a square knot.

    9. With all cording tied off, create “triangle” shape at each end (to hang hammock from) by pulling excess cording together at each side evenly, holding cording 1-1½ feet from conduit, and tying into a large knot.

    10. Create a second loop knot ½ inch away (so you can hang it). Repeat on the other side.

    11. Unscrew metal conduit elbows from frame and remove 74-inch lengths of conduit.

    12. Find trees and hang your hammock!


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