Tuesday, February 23, 2010

the things i carry.

a bag can be a very private thing for some girls.
i carry my items proudly.

my bag and my make-up case are from free people

the yellow book is Miranda July's No one belongs here more than you. [click for july]
(it was a valentines gift from my boy- with a cute note from him on the first page)

the notebooks are for my ideas
(orange one is to do list and ninja one is for photo projects and poop projects)

my planner is little otsu [click here for their cute shop]

i have a ton of permanent markers. i guess i prefer to write with them + collect them..

the red brick is my holy hardrive..
which holds all my files/pictures/music/websites -i've ever done.
so far its got 200 gigs of sydney
[getting my bag stolen would result in death to the robber!]

my wallet is the black studded number.. holds about 3 dollars and a few pennies.

i carry cards cause i'm that loser that plays solitaire and wishes to meet another card lover.
[i like hands on games. none of that electronic bull.]

i love my sunglasses and i only carry them around in the winter because it brings me hope that the sun will surprise me and i will be ready for him.

lastly my lovely sister's letters. i miss her and love looking at her cute handwriting throughout the day! we have been pen pals for a few months now- its a fun way to keep in touch.

so that's me in a bag!

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