Friday, February 19, 2010

gracias sun gods!

today my skin cells were jumping for joy!
after going grocery shopping i hoped in my car to head home.
i put Don Cavalli in my cd player and needed to just go for a ride.
my fruit was rolling around in the back but i didn't care.
the sun was in my eyes and i loved every second of it.

in florida the sun never phased me.
i didn't know that it was always around.
i wonder why i moved to the cold city of chicago,
but now i believe i can enjoy the sun more than i ever did before.

dear summer,
please dont wait too long to get here.

p.s. check out don cavalli's music..
[this french guy has a very inspiring story,
went from janitor to a well respected musician in france]

this video is from when he performed at an art gallery in france

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