Sunday, February 28, 2010


I've been semi busy this weekend so my crafts and ideas have been put on a slight hold.

But I did find these awesome vintage chalkboards.
My head kind of feels blank like they are..
[i think its the weather.. you suck weather!]

The Vintage Chalkboards would be cute for a kitchen to do list..
orrr right over your bed so when you get idea right before you fall asleep
you can remember it when you wake up!

I used to write midnight ideas all over my hands.
But I guess I sweat a lot and the words sort of mush into an ink blob
and my genius ideas are lost until the next night!

Weird how our minds do that to us.

Anyways.. these are from a vintage store on etsy [click here]

That's all I can process for today- It's 2:21am. BED [nite nite]
The image below says it allllll...
found on ffffound [click here]

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