Friday, January 8, 2010

snow day!

Here's a few pictures from yesterday and some randoms from over winter break.

Considering the downfall of snow.. I had a pretty productive day...

I played with my fish, Solider, Karat, and Dots.

Made some strawberry cupcakes...

Video chatted with my mom- we were both drinking wine, so we cheers'ed!

This is what me and my boy brewed up a few days ago. Looks tasty huh?

This is my lil snowman from Christmas in Cleveland. He has little hairs!
We used berries for the nose and buttons.

I was walking to work and found this amazing
SNOW CASTLE its kinda hard to make out
but you can at least see the tools that were used
( a little yellow shovel)

I love the way snow looks with flash..

I have an obsession with the sky and the formation of clouds. I needed some in my room..

I had to scrape the snow off my car 4 times yesterday.. my car (miko) was a good sport!

I started a little project inspired by ColorMeKatie - I wanted to paint the snow with hearts. I used food coloring, water, and a stencil.

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