Saturday, January 30, 2010

diy- how to make a pillowcase

I made these pillows for a Valentines Day present for my boyfriend.
I picked a King and a Castle because he loves chess.
Needlework is very easy and fun!

I got these pillows at Target.. 2 for $7.99- perfect size for couch or bed pillows.
The pillow cases are from a thrift store 2 for $1.50- washed of course!
First step is measuring out the fit of the fabric.

I made pin marks where the pillows line up to and tried to center it.

Don't sew the pillow together yet!
Next.. find a print out of what you'd like to stitch.
It could be a drawing as well.

Draw an outline in a WASHABLE marker.
Any extra details you want to stitch just draw on the pillowcase.

Next you'll need an embroidery loom.
I actually lucked out and got a pack of them at a thrift store for really cheap.
But any craft store should sell them.
Make sure you pull the fabric tight once you line it all up.

And its as simple as hand stitching all around until the outline doesn't show.
Then I threw it in the wash to take the washable marker off.
You can put your pillow together with either a zipper or an over fold.
I made an over fold in the middle of the back.
Good luck with your crafting!

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE IT! Stevo LOVES it too :)