Monday, August 18, 2008

some new info and doodie doodle..

the chicago art open is in the beginning of october.
everyone should go !

tons of cool artists will be there (click here to see)

-congratulations: to all of those who also got curators choice

i'll be showing my roommate project...
featuring chiara and elise NAKED (kinda)

its going to be my biggest piece so far!
15 in x 38 in

it should be fun!
this is my first big show
so i'm pumped

i'm thinking that i might continue this project..
but do 2 boy roommates and have a different "manly" interaction.
it might get boring but i could make the perspectives more surreal.
its a thought.

as of now i'm stuck in florida
there is currently a tropical storm/ hurricane outside my window.
her name is fay. and she might make me miss my flight home.
i'm designing my website until the power goes out.
what a vacation.

i did at least get a tan.
aaaaand i met jim gaffigan.
he is pale.. like me.
i'd like to quit school and go on a sexy tour.

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