Wednesday, May 21, 2008

my little friend.

mr. dragonfly-
i keep forgetting to post my new friend.

i found him on the sidewalk.
he was glowing in the sun.
his wings are so intricate and detailed.
prettiest dead thing i've seen in a while.

his file size- that i scanned him at- is very large.
i can print him 30in X 40in.
thats a big bug!


Sparkling Disco Dust said...

Holy cow that is a big bug.

Sorry for the randomness, i stumbled upon your blog.
How did you take your beach pictures? They're lovely


sydney jw said...

well thank you.
they are actually just taken with kodak porta film
but i printed them on a different paper (actually expired paper) that has a creamy color. so it gave it an overall yellowish tint.